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As your financial advisor in Calgary, our job is to give you answers to your questions, in plain English, so that you can make educated and informed decisions to achieve your goals.
Our tailored financial planning process will help you understand what is possible with your money.  Whether that means working less or not at all, traveling the globe, or taking care of your family and friends.  With a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Registered Financial Advisor we’ll help you plan for what matters most.

Your Camber Advisory Team

Meet Rob (CIM®), Lucas (CFP®), Jamie, and the rest of the Camber teamWe are a group of licensed financial professionals who are on a mission to improve your financial life.  We work together on your tailor-made financial plan to help you understand what is possible with your money.  At Camber, you get the best of both worlds – the stability of a large bank and the personal service of a boutique firm. That’s the Camber difference.

We Can Answer Your Most Pressing Questions:


How should I invest my money?


Which tax strategies offer the most savings for my money?


Am I paying too much for my insurance?


How much should I be saving to achieve my goals?


When can I realistically retire?


How do all aspect of my financial life fit together?


What does the research say in regards to evidence based investing?

How We Can Help

The most important part of your financial life is execution. We act as a partner who will serve as a catalyst to get things done. As dedicated financial advisors we take care of the details and won’t complicate things unnecessarily.
The private Wealth Management industry has a tarnished reputation. At Camber we avoid conflicts of interest and put our clients’ financial situation and best interests first. We provide full and fair disclosure of important facts so you can be assured you are getting unbiased investment advice.
Our approach to investment management is based on evidence from academic research combined with years of hands on experience, giving you confidence that your financial plan is aligned with the highest probabilities of investment success.

What Makes Camber Notable?

As a fiduciary, we work for you not for the bank. We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs and financial advisors who started Camber in Calgary AB to change the investment industry and its history of misaligned incentives. Our goal as financial advisors is to modernize high quality financial advice making it more affordable, transparent, and easier to understand.
We love personal finance. We started Camber to build out a product and service offering that changes the way financial advice is given in Canada. We are not robo advisors we are a dedicated team that works to understand your unique situation. When you call we answer and work to build long-term relationships with our clients.
Meaningful personal monetary improvements can be uncovered through working with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Too often Canadians let huge amounts of investment dollars slip away due to inefficient structures, high investment costs, poor asset allocations, and general financial disorganization. It might not be glamorous, but as Certified Financial Planners (CFP) we do the work to uncover these improvements that once corrected can compound for a lifetime!

Is Camber a Fit?

We are wealth management and personal financial advisors that provide the greatest value to:

Individuals and families who have accumulated investment assets of $500,000 or more. (Excluding real estate assets).
People who want to delegate financial planning and wealth management to a financial advisor in Calgary.

How to Get Started

Our process has been built to provide you a framework for making an educated and informed decision about working with us at Camber. We want you to know exactly how we can help and what value we provide before you sign up.

Jump right in and start building your personalized financial dashboard with a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Our modern fiscal survey makes it easy to gather all your relevant fiscal information so we can get started.
Would you prefer to have a conversation with our Calgary financial advisors first? No Problem! Lets line up a call with our customer service team to help you answer any questions you may have.

Understanding Performance

Discover the truth about expectations when investing in the stock and bond market - Historic investment performance is easy to measure but difficult to understand in full context. Past securities investing performance is one way to judge the merits of a strategy, but the numbers alone give very little insight into what investors can expect in the future. Your thinking needs to concentrate on what has the highest probability and percentage of investment success going forward. In this video we look at past market performance, what investors should expect in the future, and some of our most interesting takeaways from studying investment performance on securities like mutual funds.

The Cost

Gain a full understanding of our fees and wealth management fees in general - When researching products and services online one of the first things people want to know is how much does it cost, and rightfully so! Financial Advisors however, have been slow to disclose their wealth management fees not to mention what’s included in their fee, and what other ways they are compensated or incentivized. At Camber financial advisor Calgary, we wanted to change that by letting people know exactly what our fees are and to be aware of any potential conflicts of interest before we ever have our first meeting. In this video we walk through everything you need to know about financial advisory fees in wealth management for your range of services and financial products.

Building a Dashboard

We have built tools and technology that are in line with the code of ethics of the Canadian securities regulator to help you visualize the cause and effect of your financial decisions. Our custom dashboards allow you to get a better understanding of your money no matter your experience level. We are on a mission to modernize financial planning and in this video we walk you through our process.
How Camber is Modernizing Financial Planning
I. Introduction
Camber’s financial planning dashboards are an organization system where client’s data can be analyzed and used to drive insight in to life’s biggest financial questions. Financial decision making is a give and take process, seeding balances and outcomes that don’t materialize until years in the future. Camber financial advisors enhances traditional financial planning methodologies while striving to accurately integrate client’s other professional’s advice and strategies. The result is a functional software model expressing the combined outcome of all strategies, costs, assumptions, and their synergistic or opposing effects and qualifications on your registered investments and financial products.
II. Enhanced Traditional Financial Planning Methodology
Professional financial advisors like accountants, estate practitioners, investment dealers, wealth managers, insurance agents, portfolio managers, lawyers, and investment advisors have the qualifications to offer valued advice in their specific areas of expertise, yet rarely are these advice silo’s integrated in a way where their expected outcomes are projected in tandem. Most financial planning across the industry is done from the perspective of a generalist; typically a Certified Financial Planner prepares long term projections by approximating client goals and the expertise of other professionals. Camber financial advisors takes the approach that specialized financially planners detailed advice on investment portfolio adds value, and should be integrated into long term projections. Therefore Camber specializes where other professional investment advisors don’t focus- integration of advice, organization of financial information, and visualization of the entire decision matrix.
Various best of breed software tools are used to create the Camber financial projections. The industry at large favors generalist software solutions designed to accelerate the sales conversation. Camber financial advisors is rooted in the view that specialists add value; accordingly we work with software specialized financial planners and their industry leading financial modelling technology. Our financial models truly integrate the nuances of our clients, financial data and advice. Powerful software and abundant data allows Camber to simulate a real world projection of your wealth and assets over relevant periods of time in Canada. Over long periods of time valuable stress testing can be simulated, illuminating potential areas of weakness while making financial solutions to your portfolio. This proves to be a good fit for business owners and affluent individuals who have an interest in buying or selling financial securities and fee based investment products.
A table of numbers is hardly the best way for anyone to view their own economic life. The resource and public sectors have developed technology to analyze massive data sets generated in their daily operations by visualizing it. Camber financial advisors draws on this technology so our affluent clients that also includes small businesses literally see their economic data visualized in ways that drive insight. Now data can be displayed akin to a map, with all layers of detail expressed at once. Route efficiency becomes obvious, areas of risk stand out, and the misalignment of objectives are clear. From a long term perspective, outcomes around stress testing, cost of capital analysis, and efficiency screening of various income strategies can actually be understood clearly.
Camber financial advisors takes the typical spreadsheet approach to a net worth statement and adds the requisite detail and accuracy to create a living document called a Data Validation Report. High net worth, cash needs, tax particulars and credentials, and details about private wealth strategy already implemented by other trusted professionals are all neatly laid out in an organized summary. This document serves as a communication tool and connection between our client’s professionals, allowing each of them to leverage the other’s good advice.
III. Client Engagement and Value Delivered
The engagement process will vary from client to client, balancing longer term stage of life issues with shorter term decisions that need to be made. At the time we understand a client’s objectives and determine the requisite level of detailed required to model an accurate projection, all engagements will generally deliver value in the following areas.
A detailed software model that can expand and evolve over time, referred to as the clients Initial Vision or base case. The Initial Vision amalgamates the trusted advice from other professionals and detailed assumptions made about cash requirements, asset holdings, financial plans, rates of return, retirement planning objectives, and estate planning targets.
With all the variables (including cost) accounted for and combined, the outcome of small changes in tactic can be evaluated with a long term lens. The echo effect of small efficiency wins can be identified and stacked together. Cost analysis of these efficiency wins allows for a prioritized list of next steps to be drafted at each engagement, effectively pointing out the low hanging fruit available to harvest.
The effect of a market sell off on good retirement success best illustrates what many clients worry about. This and other sensitivities can be explored to identify areas of weakness in assumptions about life and advice given by other professionals. Higher than expected spending, poorly performing equity markets, and the effects of inflation are analyzed for every client. From there, sensitivity analysis draws heavily on what’s keeping the client up at night. Loss of income, consequence of poor health, and entrepreneurial outcomes are some examples of analysis already conducted to identify how sensitive their Initial Vision is to each credit factor. Further, better than expected credit outcomes can be tested against tax or insurance planning in place to hone in on potential adjustments to accommodate outsized success.
The construction of a Data Validation Report detailing our client’s entire fiscal life. Data compiled for the creation of an accurate and realistic financial model has also proved invaluable as a reference document for other professionally independent advisors. Fees may be saved where each individual professional no longer needs to bill for their own data collection. Having a list of the entire financial situation can also assist in the process of educating a spouse or family members in the management of family wealth. The data collection also includes your assets under management such as mutual funds that is managed by our financial planners on behalf of the existing clients. It also helps in analyzing your approach to financial future thereby allowing to make the right decision as you manage your money and make good retirement plans.
The biggest questions of life can’t be fully contextualized by financial information alone. Family preference, risk tolerance, health, and quality of life matters must all be considered. However, the industry at large does a terrible job providing unbiased financial advice that can be relied on to answer the financial aspect of these life questions. Camber financial advisor Calgary strives to remove the financial uncertainty around life decisions so that clients can solely focus on the aspects of decision making financial professionals can’t help with. Outcomes of early retirement plans, life insurance planning, downsizing, and career changes are common “what if” thought experiments financial planners in Camber delivers to clients for the financial component of these risk management decisions.
A fully visualized representation of the Initial Vision net worth growth and lifetime cash flows are provided by our financial planners in an interactive dashboard format that helps in financial management. To accommodate decision making, multiple visuals formats are included for each aspect of client wealth. Looking at the same data in different ways can enhance the decision making process and accommodate each individual’s methods of learning. Interactive drill downs allow clients to dive deeper in to the details of the data to clarify why changes are occurring or to see if anything was missed. The dashboard can be viewed on the client’s computer, tablet, or phone.
IV. Conclusion
Camber is a registered financial advisor in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in managing advanced financial planning and sophisticated asset management. To learn more about Camber book in a call with our team below or if you are interested in building a dashboard launch our survey and get started today.

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