Private Wealth & Asset Management

We assist individuals and families in making sophisticated decisions with their financial assets. 

Leaders In Industry

Our team is a diverse group. We come from different backgrounds and have each taken a unique path to form our careers. We have started and built businesses, worked for dominant global firms and taken on academic pursuits. Together we share a passion for finance and invest our money right alongside the money of our clients. 


The Camber Angle

Camber angle is used to increase both efficiency and performance in a variety of materials and structures.  We see parallels between our story and the camber angle used in automotive design.   

“Proper management of a camber angle is a major factor in suspension engineering, and must incorporate not only idealized geometric models, but also real-life behaviour of the components. What was once an art has become much more scientific with the use of computers, which can optimize all of the variables mathematically instead of relying on the designer's intuitive feel and experience.”

Conventional financial advisors provide advice based on intuition and experience. At Camber, we know that by providing a scientific focus, efficiency and performance can be dramatically improved.


Figure 1

Our Story

Camber was born out of a desire to build something different. We set out with a simple goal: to raise the quality of financial advice. To do this, we asked ourselves what a wealth management firm would look like if it embodied our values and provided the range of services that we would expect as clients.

At Camber, we are inspired by passionate entrepreneurs, who challenge the status quo and take risks to raise the bar. We created Camber to be the change that we believe is required in private wealth. 

It is a partnership at Camber. This company has been built around the clients who have trusted us for years and the new clients we meet along the way. Our clients own our best ideas and together we are building something to be proud of.