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Investment Management

We take the most scientifically-rigorous approach to investing your assets. Our portfolios are constructed using Nobel Prize-winning research, incorporate portfolio engineering, and use modern technology to reduce risk, taxes, and fees.

Build Custom
Financial Dashboards

Knowledge is power. It's obvious that people who are better informed make better decisions. We are modernizing financial planning by building dashboards that encompass all areas of your financial life, are simple to use, and provide an interactive way to make decisions.

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Simplify Your Family’s
Financial Life

Family comes first. Always. At Camber, we are dedicated to organizing, simplifying, and managing your financial life so you can focus on your other priorities, while knowing your finances.

Best Practices

Financial security happens with good strategy and positive habits. It is achieved by taking small, but calculated, steps towards your future. Our value lies in the help we provide our clients in identifying the best practices that investors should be following but typically do not.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve
with Emerging Technologies

The world is in a state of constant change. Rather than fight against it, we want to partner with that change by testing and incorporating the latest technologies to help improve returns, lower costs and enhance the client experience.


We want everyone to have a seat at the dinner table. We are here to partner with your existing tax, legal, and financial professionals. If you don’t have a team behind you, we are happy to make introductions to professionals that will help steward you through the process.

Our fees


Fee %

First $2,000,000
Next $3,000,000
Next $5,000,000
Minimum Account Size: $500,000

Why Should You Pay Camber a Fee?

The Value of Advice

Is a video we made to help you understand the fees at Camber.

Fees are worth it. Studies have shown that working with an advisor has the potential to:

  • Provide a return that is 3% higher.*
  • Make you 30% more likely to stick to your financial goals.**

* Evaluating Financial Planning Strategies and Quantifying Their Impact”, available at Kitces.com
** Financial Planning Standards Council.

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Our Process

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We start by understanding your investment objectives and constraints. To create a complete picture, we build a custom dashboard that screens for efficiency improvements, cost savings, and unforeseen risks.

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Tailored to meet your objectives, we design asset-allocation strategies specifically for you and build a tax-efficient and cost-effective investment portfolio.

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We regularly review and rebalance your portfolio while measuring the progress toward achieving your goals. Along the way, we provide clarity around life’s major financial decisions and incorporate new information as it becomes available.

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We coordinate our efforts with your existing tax, legal, and financial professionals, which ensures you have access to a complete team of professionals that are working towards a shared vision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Camber different?

A dedication to research-based advice, building modern financial tools, and providing full transparency.

Do I have any firm-specific risk to having my money at Camber?

No. Your financial assets are registered in your name and custodied with National Bank Independent Network (NBIN); a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial Inc

Can I check Camber’s registration with the securities regulators?

Yes! Visit checkfirst.ca/check-registration/ and search “Camber Capital Corp.” or “Robert Townsend”.

Is there a cost to building a dashboard with Camber?

No. We build your dashboard upfront, with no commitment. After that, if we agree it would be a good fit, we can talk about working together.

Does Camber have account minimums?

At this time, we are limited to working with accounts that start at $500,000.

I am below the minimums; can we still chat?

Of course! We love talking finance and are always happy to chat and see where we can help.

Do you have any hot stock tips?

No; we are not that sort of firm.  To learn more read our investment principles.

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