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01. Gather the Data

To build your dashboard, we require financial information. Our financial survey makes it easy to gather all relevant information and documentation.

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02. Build Your Custom Dashboard

Once we have data on your current standings, we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of your wealth and build you a customized dashboard with actionable insights.

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03. Present Our Findings

In person or over video conference, we will present your dashboard and review any questions or concerns.

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04. Implementation

When you’re comfortable with our solutions and ready to move forward, we’ll begin working on the next actionable steps together. Including opening your accounts and creating an Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Camber different?

A dedication to research-based advice, building modern financial tools, and providing full transparency.

Do I have any firm-specific risk to having my money at Camber?

No. Your financial assets are registered in your name and custodied with National Bank Independent Network (NBIN); a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Bank Financial Inc

Can I check Camber’s registration with the securities regulators?

Yes! Visit and search “Camber Capital Corp.” or “Robert Townsend”.

Is there a cost to building a dashboard with Camber?

No. We build your dashboard upfront, with no commitment. After that, if we agree it would be a good fit, we can talk about working together.

Does Camber have account minimums?

At this time, we are limited to working with accounts that start at $500,000.

I am below the minimums; can we still chat?

Of course! We love talking finance and are always happy to chat and see where we can help.

Do you have any hot stock tips?

No; we are not that sort of firm.  To learn more read our investment principles.

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