A Look Inside a Camber Dashboard

An image of Will Emerson from the movie Margin Call

A Look Inside a Camber Dashboard

We wanted you to test drive a Camber Dashboard. So, we built out Will Emerson’s dashboard from the movie Margin Call starting Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore and of course Paul Bettany.  Below is the famous clip where Mr. Emerson explains exactly how he spends his $2.5 million salary:

  • $300k mortgage
  • $150k gift to parents
  • $150k car
  • $75k restaurants
  • $50k clothes
  • $400k savings
  • $76K entertainment

We take this data, combine it with our assumption engine and then overlay all appropriate tax and growth rates for stocks, bonds, real estate and inflation.  You can view Camber’s assumptions and methodology.

Explore Will’s Camber Dashboard for Yourself

For best results use a desktop or view horizontally on your phone or tablet. Feel free to toggle between different options, hover over images for more information, and click through the graphs and charts to go even deeper. The Camber dashboard below is interactive so feel free to just play with it for a while and when you are ready, you can start building your own dashboard HERE!

Explore Some More Functionality Tips

A) Some of the charts within the Camber Dashboard have a drill-down capability that needs to be turned on. Hover over any chart, and you will see a series of arrows appear in the top right of the dashboard. (See video below)

B) Click the down arrow once to turn on the drill in feature (the down arrow will be surrounded by a black circle when turned on). Now you can click the various pieces of the chart to take a deeper look at the information.

C) When you want to return to the highest level, click the single up arrow to the left of the drill-down arrow several times.

D) Some of the charts also have an age slider that you will see displayed across the bottom. When you see one, feel free to slide it and experience different years.

E) Other charts will have a “chart view” button. This will take you to a lifetime view of the given screen.

F) When in the scenarios section, use the drop-down menu to select the scenario you would like to see displayed.

G) You can also contrast several scenarios at the same time. To do this simply hold Ctrl while clicking on different options.

Dashboards take complex models and make them easy to understand while also creating value for our clients through full financial planning. Our dashboards will:

1) Organize and simplify your financial affairs

2) Provide context around your life’s major financial decisions

3) Reduce your financial stress and increase your peace of mind

4) Help uncover and implement efficiencies

5) Help shift focus away from the things you cannot control towards the variables that you can

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